About Bartram House

At Bartram House our mission is to create luxurious and timeless interiors that reflect the taste and lifestyle of our clientele. Bartram House is recognized for its ability to coordinate a project from concept to completion.

Through a consultative and concierge approach we offer our clientele a comprehensive service in creating interiors for the lifestyle they wish to live. From space planning and budgeting, to purchasing, delivery, and placement of decor, we fashion interiors with character. We accentuate a space with the elements of light, color, texture, and pattern that compliment all newly chosen decor, as well as family heirlooms. Our goal is to define our clients’ taste with certain distinction. At completion, our interiors leave a look that feels like it wasn’t just created, but simply… has always been in place.

With more than three decades of collective experience Bartram House has developed deep-rooted relationships with a panoply of firms in architecture, contract building, skilled craftwork, and the finest purveyors of decor and works of art. Bartram House works closely with each professional and in every phase of your project. We have the flexibility to adapt to any modification desired by contractor or client.

“Pulchrum Est”
(Beauty Is)

“It is difficult to define precisely what it is that makes a space ‘beautiful’ because there is no real defined list of aesthetics. But with Bartram House Interiors, somehow you just know that it is.”

Mark S. Scarmato, Wall Street Executive

Sarasota, FL

Our Philosophy

Lasting value knows no price, it earns.

~ Bartram House

At Bartram House, we love what we do and it can be seen in the quality of our work. Our philosophy is to deliver value efficiently to our client.

We do that by selecting only the best in class of furnishings, fixtures and equipment. Each acquisition is chosen to endure and appreciate well beyond its cost to acquire. Our clients know that the products we choose to express their lifestyle today are certain to become treasured heirlooms that add to their family’s heritage.

Our Company

Bringing together a potent combination of Wall Street business savvy with aesthetic acumen and a discerning style, Mark S. Scarmato and Richard P. Hinkle launched Bartram House Interiors to capture a client’s dream and create the lifestyle they want and deserve.

We’ve made the name Bartram House synonymous with beauty and high quality. Integrity is crucial, and we know every aspect of the business.

Our Method

A three hour fee-based Client Consultation with a refundable fee offer.
Understand client’s lifestyle desire and their budgeting plans to meet all goals.
Establish with client a timetable and best efforts budget projection for each space; establish discount schedule for late completion.
Present to client a plan for each space.
Work closely with client and all vendors to select furniture, fixtures, and equipment.
On time completion for each space based on established timetable.

Richard Hinkle

Richard brings to Bartram House a solid grounding in fashion and interiors, allowing him to contribute to projects from the architectural/engineering phase through landscaping. He is a direct descendent of John Bartram, an early American botanist, who is the Bartram House namesake. He worked in couture in New York City before following his passion for interior styles and decor.

“I don’t cookie cut. Everything is tailored completely to the client, and I take a concierge approach. I work with many different styles, and I like to do Classic with a twist that will still look fresh 10, 20 or 30 years on.”

Our Values

Integrity · Passion · Accountability · Humility · Straightforwardness · Responsibility and Results · Charity

Bartram House, LLC, seeks to deepen social consciousness through charitable giving. We seek to do our share to help resolve “real world” problems and afflictions.

Bartram House Interiors donates a percentage of our net profit after taxes to estimable Charities and/or Foundations of our choice. Our clients may also direct us to charitable causes they support and we will make a contribution in their name to help fund that worthy cause.

Bartram House is a proud supporter of the Catholic Charities Diocese of Venice
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